10 Things to Do When Facebook is Down

By Seamus Condron / September 23, 2010 3:00 PM / 4 CommentsShare0diggsdigg

via 10 Things to Do When Facebook is Down.

Ten Things to Do When Facebook is Down

  1. Rekindle your relationship with productivity, hygiene.
  2. Call one of your 5,000 Facebook “friends” on the phone, enjoy the awkward silence.
  3. Bring down Twitter with incessant “Facebook is down” tweets. Cue apocolypse!
  4. Did somebody say crochet party?
  5. Experiment with offline poking. Keep your lawyer’s number handy.
  6. Take a Digg “power user” to dinner. Bring extra cash.
  7. Party crashing with Michael Arrington!
  8. Go to the grocey store. Your Farmville vegetables are rotting and you’re looking frail.
  9. Follow us on Twitter. And when it’s back up, Facebook!
  10. Write a post just like this and watch the pageviews pour in!