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A good friend of mine wrote me today. I felt bad because I haven’t been able to respond to his last few emails. He threw me out of graduate school 20 years ago when he was a dean. Now he’s a friend.“My sister died,” he wrote. “Can you talk?” So I called him and we spoke for awhile. It was a shock to him. He only knew she was sick ten days earlier. I felt real bad for him and real bad I haven’t been in such good touch.The last time he visited NYC we were walking up Wall Street and I showed him the engagement ring I had gotten for Claudia but hadn’t yet given her. He slapped me on the back and congratulated me. We both smiled. That was one of the last times I spoke to him.We’re not immortal. We don’t have a tribe that will protect us. A philosophy that will comfort us. A corporate job that is always safe. Money that we don’t have to worry about. A wife that will enjoy sex with us forever. A million twitter followers every day.The net’s going to break and only then we find out the real Truth.And then we either fall into the horror. Or we realize we have wings. We never needed the net.  And then we fly forever.

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