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Everyone loves Netflix — at $9.99 a month, what’s not to love? True, Netflix doesn’t have Seinfeld and a bunch of other goodies that Hulu has. But $11.99 a month (commercial-free!) sounds doable, so go ahead and add Hulu to the mix. And obviously, you’ve gotta get your Game of Thrones on — that’s $14.99 a pop for HBO NOW. Um, totally worth it. Now throw in the money you pay for your Spotify subscription. Add up what you’ve spent on tickets to all those kick-ass movies in theaters so far this year. Big sports fan? What’s cable going for these days?

It costs a lot to get great content. And yes, it’s worth it — there’s a lot of great content out there to be got. But the cord-cutter movement is in full swing, and if we’ve learned anything from the Napsters and Pirate Bays of the world, it’s that people will always find clever ways to score stuff for free that suckers like us will otherwise pay for.

Enter Kodi, the cord cutter’s paradise. Formally known as XBMC, Kodi is a buzzword amongst fanatic binge-watchers, evoking a magical portal that opens up a seemingly endless universe of content and broadcasts it to your HDTV or laptop screen, without any restrictions, and without any payment. Yeah. It’s totally free. It’s not exactly mainstream — downloading and using Kodi takes more technical skill than the average streamer probably has — but Kodi has a tight-knit community of users who freely circulate tips and tricks.

But is it illegal? Technically, no. There’s nothing actually on it. Mmhmm.

Source: Kodi Black Market Netflix Is the Ultimate Streaming Hack

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TV ADDONS Usage Statistics to Begin December

Posted December 14, 2015 By rariccardi

It seemed to be the right time to share a bit about how many users actually enjoy our addons on a daily basis, you’ll surely be quite impressed.

Some Interesting Usage Statistics for Kodi from TVaddons

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We’ve just gone over some statistics for the first time in a while and it seems that our community is getting closer and closer to becoming a household name. It’s very rare that we check statistics because we don’t really care about how many users we have, but the numbers are definitely more than impressive, so much so that we thought we’d share some of them with you.

We figured the best way to get a good picture of how many users are actually using our community’s addons would be to analyze the repository server’s statistics, specifically unique visitors. It is the best way of evaluating the userbase, since each time Kodi is booted it automatically checks the repository server for updates, therefore we can get a precise idea of how many are actually using Kodi actively on a daily basis.

Legend: Total Unique Visitors refers to the number of unique users in the designated timeframe, whereas Maximum and Minimum Unique Visitors refers to the highest and lowest amount of users per hour.




Congratulations! You’re now aware of how many people actually enjoy our addons, we just wish that a small percentage of them actually considered making a Donationtowards our server costs, it would really help immensely.

Source: Some Interesting Usage Statistics to Begin December

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RedShark News – Misunderstanding crop factors

Posted May 23, 2014 By rariccardi

RedShark News – Misunderstanding crop factors.

A few days ago, our esteemed editor brought to my attention a video by , a luminary of the digital photography world, in which he discusses the issues surrounding the way that we consider the complex relationship between lenses, sensors, and other aspects of digital photography. Tony’s a stills guy, from what I can see, but of course many of his conclusions hold perfectly true for film and TV work, even before we take into consideration the fact that the same equipment is sometimes used in each case, if you’re shooting DSLR stuff.

Tony’s 40-minute documentary – which I strongly recommend everyone should watch – has been widely discussed, often under such headlines as “are camera manufacturers misleading us by not calculating sensor size into specifications?” (by Gannon Burgett of PetaPixel.com), which is more or less a direct a call to arms on the subject. The answer to Gannon’s entirely apposite question is – in my view – that we should really all be required to be smart enough to see through the sort of on-the-fly specmanship they’re indulging in, although we should do that by knowing what we’re doing on a broad basis, not simply by applying mathematics. After all, it’s maths that got us in this mess.

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Sometimes, you need the tool that’s best suited to the job in hand. And for George R. R. Martin, that means using an archaic word processor—WordStar 4.0, running on DOS, no less—to write Game of Thrones. He explained why to Conan last night.First, it means that he has a computer dedicated to writing—obviously he doesn’t check his email and browse the web on DOS, that’d be silly—which presumably allows him to concentrate better. But it seems the main reason is simplicity: a lack of frustrating spell checks and autocorrects, which is kind of what you want when writing new and strange fictional words on a daily basis. [Team Coco]

via George R. R. Martin Explains Why He Writes Game of Thrones in DOS.

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Black Magic URSA

The good news doesn’t stop there. The URSA is capable of recording 4k at up to 60 frames per second. This with a global shutter sensor. While this doesn’t reach the heady heights of the high framerate recording of the Sony F5, it will be good enough for many people. Yet there is one more surprise in store, and it is quite a big one given recent articles on RedShark. The sensor on the URSA is integrated into the lens mount, and this is user removable. In other words the sensor on the URSA is user upgradeable as new technology comes along.This also means that Blackmagic can offer a number of different models, including a B4 lens mount option with an integrated ND wheel.Now, the previous BM cameras have had the odd glitch on release, and the slowness of firmware updates for usable features have been a point of issue for many users. If they can sort out these issues for the URSA then I can see this camera selling like hotcakes. It ticks a lot of boxes.Oh yes, the price. Sitting in your chairs? $5,995 for the EF mount version. See you in the queue!

via RedShark News – Jaws drop, Earth stops spinning. Blackmagic's astonishing new 4K modular camera.

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Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Panasonic GH4

Even though it’s only been shipping for a short time, the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K is the current "go-to" choice for shooting 4K video with a single sensor/interchangeable-lens system for less than $4000. However, things may change when Panasonic ships their 4K-capable Lumix GH4. If you’re in the market for a sub-$4,000 4K camera, how do you choose? Rather than conducting a head-to-head shootout, this post is about clarifying what the specs mean to you.

via Blackmagic Production Camera 4K versus Panasonic GH4 | explora.

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Page 1 of 2The Apertus Axiom Prototype, the "proof of concept" camera for the open source camera project, has sprung into life, giving the world some enticing early-stage moving pictures, and, in doing so, effectively saying "you can get excited about this project now"It’s a big moment for the project and the people involved who’ve given so much of their time and energy.We spoke to Sebastian Pichelhofer, from Apertus, who’s been keeping us up to date with developments. Here’s what he told us:"When you create a photo camera, it’s all about producing a picture. When you create a video/film camera it’s all about producing motion pictures.We have now been working on the creation of the Axiom camera for over three years and the Axiom evolved over time as we progressed. Up until now we had no real proof that the camera existed or even that it works and good number of people told us that there is no way we will be able to succeed or that it will ever be good enough at the time it was released. You can imagine that created a huge amount of doubt, concern and skepticism as well as anticipation over time even in the team.After all who could really know if we weren’t wasting more than three years of our lives with this! But we kept pushing and never gave up.Now that we have eventually! released the first footage recorded with the camera it’s a huge relief for us.

via RedShark News – Open Source 4K Camera Breakthrough – very first footage.

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Tangent Element Colorist Control Surface

Posted March 24, 2014 By rariccardi

Tangent Element

With today’s multi-purposing work stations, where desk space is at a premium, having a fully featured panel that is compact, fully featured and stylish enough to match its surroundings is a must. But, you’d expect that having a compact design means having to compromise ergonomics, features and control size. With the Element range, there is no compromise!Despite their small desk foot print, each Element offers full size controls which are ergonomically laid out, and best of all, there’s lots of them!

via Tangent.

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There was a time not too long ago when the only way to listen to music was through a stereo. There was no such thing as playing your favorite tunes at your own convenience. And although the advent of MP3 technology fixed this problem, it was at the sacrifice of quality.MP3 files typically have a bit rate between 192kbps and 256kbps. This is an extremely compressed version of the high resolution music is actually recorded at. A lot of the information that makes music enjoyable is lost when it’s converted into digital format. MP3’s, however, are very convenient. Music fans are willing to sacrifice quality for the ability to carry their entire music collection in their pocket.For the last couple of years, Neil Young has been trying to figure out a way to make high-quality music portable. His solution is PonoMusic, a new type of digital music experience that is capable of playing music the way it’s intended to be heard. Choosing between quality and convenience could potentially be a thing of the past.Introduced by Young himself at SXSW earlier this week, PonoMusic raised over $1 million in just 12 hours. This is one of the fastest Kickstarter campaigns to reach the elusive seven figures and people are still making donations with 32 days to go. As of today, over 9,000 people have backed PonoMusic and the current pledge total is over $3 million.PonoMusic is not a new audio file format or standard. It simply plays music exactly as the artist created it in the studio. It’s also an ecosystem like iTunes where users can buy albums for an estimated price of $14.99-$24.00.

via PonoMusic Raises $3 Million, Surpasses $800,000 Kickstarter Goal | Newegg Unscrambled.

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broadcaster box

Livestreaming from your smartphone or webcam is fine as long as you’re happy with low-quality video. It’s easy, but doesn’t scream professionalism — for evidence just look at most Justin-TV video streams.

For professional-looking video streams, you usually need a high-end camera attached to a computer that handles the processor-heavy tasks of encoding and uploading. But now LiveStream hopes to combine the ease of smartphone streaming with the high quality of prosumer video-capture systems.

LiveStream’s new Broadcaster box provides users with the ability to change the focus and exposure of their fancy video cameras with a turn-key, on-the-go encoding box that also uploads video. The system replaces the PC usually needed to encode and upload high-quality video with a small orange box that can be mounted atop a camera.

via LiveStream Delivers High-Quality Real-Time Video Streaming — No PC Required | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

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