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Christopher Walken


Christopher Walken’s first few roles included a rage-filled rebel soldier, a car-crash-craving suburbanite, and a warped Vietnam vet. And that was that; he’d found his type. Walken has gone on to play dozens of wild-eyed weirdoes, some villainous, some innocent, but all possessing his clipped delivery and white-dude version of a hi-top fade.

Hans, Walken’s character in Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths, puts him back in a familiar place. He’s a pacifist with a violent past caught up in a dognapping racket with an unemployed actor. He’s also not afraid of guns. But as nutty as Hans is, he’s Ward Cleaver compared to most of the characters on Walken’s cuckoo’s nest of a résumé. Here are his eleven craziest, in order of batshit craziness (we use the official Walken Psychometer Ranking).

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