RedShark News – How does raw video compare with HDV? seriously!


RedShark reader Krasnapolski saw Peter Haas’ film Peter Pan Bakery, shot with a Digital Bolex D16, and sent us a link to a very similar production: Mario’s Cafe by Roland Denning, a customer at the cafe. It was shot with a Sony Z7 HDV Camera. It’s fascinating to compare the two!

Do you remember HDV? It was a very clever mash-up of modern and ancient technologies. The modern bit was that it was High Definition. The fossilised part of it was that it still used tape.

That’s being a little unkind because DV itself was pretty revolutionary, and there was nowhere near enough memory available for this standard definition format to be stored in solid state. When DV came out, tape was the current paradigm and it all worked well enough, apart from a litany of glitches if you tried to capture from a DV tape using early DV capture cards and drivers.

RedShark News – How does raw video compare with HDV? seriously!.