RedShark News – Open Source 4K Camera Breakthrough – very first footage

Page 1 of 2The Apertus Axiom Prototype, the "proof of concept" camera for the open source camera project, has sprung into life, giving the world some enticing early-stage moving pictures, and, in doing so, effectively saying "you can get excited about this project now"It’s a big moment for the project and the people involved who’ve given so much of their time and energy.We spoke to Sebastian Pichelhofer, from Apertus, who’s been keeping us up to date with developments. Here’s what he told us:"When you create a photo camera, it’s all about producing a picture. When you create a video/film camera it’s all about producing motion pictures.We have now been working on the creation of the Axiom camera for over three years and the Axiom evolved over time as we progressed. Up until now we had no real proof that the camera existed or even that it works and good number of people told us that there is no way we will be able to succeed or that it will ever be good enough at the time it was released. You can imagine that created a huge amount of doubt, concern and skepticism as well as anticipation over time even in the team.After all who could really know if we weren’t wasting more than three years of our lives with this! But we kept pushing and never gave up.Now that we have eventually! released the first footage recorded with the camera it’s a huge relief for us.

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