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Damages of $1.9 million could backfire on music industry

By Ben Sheffner LOS ANGELES (Billboard) – The recording industry secured a resounding victory last week when a Minneapolis jury awarded the four major labels $1.92 million in damages after unanimously finding that a 32-year-old mother had willfully infringed on their copyrights by downloading and sharing 24 songs on the Kazaa peer-to-peer network. But a […]

“Don’t Pitch Your Idea”

“Listen, what’s your name again, forget it doesn’t matter I’m really busy you’ve got 2 minutes to sell me your idea!”  We have all heard the legendary stories about down and out individuals who have met this infamous 2 minute challange, they sold their idea, and as a result acheived great fortune and success. Don’t be fooled by propagated legends and myths, the 2 minute pitch only works if you are an industry […]