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Ten Commandments of Online by Emil Rensing

    10 If content is king, then creators are deities. 9 More people will spend more minutes watching more video on a computer/tablet/phone today than they did yesterday… 8 The word “content” should be referred to as “the other c-word”. Don’t be in the content business. Be in the “Hits” business. Don’t make content. […]

Google Invades Microsoft Territory, Integrates Google Docs With Office Products | Fast Company

On Thursday, the search giant unveiled a new tool to sync Microsoft Office with Google Docs, creating a seamless transition from one program to the next. Called Cloud Connect, the plugin installs to the toolbar of any Office application, whether Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and enables users to “share and simultaneously edit” documents. Using the […]

Google Pays $700 Million In Cash For Flight Info Provider ITA

If you search for flights on Google today, all you get is links to results from the big online travel sites. Bing, on the other hand, offers a much richer Travel experience, complete with comparison prices for the same flight from the different travel engines, as well as predictive charts and graphs from Farecast which […]

YouTube – Introducing Google TV

Google — May 18, 2010 — TV meets web. Web meets TV. Learn more at www.google.com/tv. Produced by Epipheo Studios. via YouTube – Introducing Google TV.

YouTube Looks At Charging A Monthly Fee For Top TV Shows And Movies

YouTube wants more professional television shows and movies on its site, but major studios don’t want to license content to Google if it’s going to be free and ad supported.

Google Wave explained

What the heck is Google Wave? You and about 64.7 percent of the Twittersphere are all wondering (scientific calculation based on random checks of trending topics.)