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Kodi Black Market Netflix Is the Ultimate Streaming Hack

Everyone loves Netflix — at $9.99 a month, what’s not to love? True, Netflix doesn’t have Seinfeld and a bunch of other goodies that Hulu has. But $11.99 a month (commercial-free!) sounds doable, so go ahead and add Hulu to the mix. And obviously, you’ve gotta get your Game of Thrones on — that’s $14.99 a pop […]

YouTubers Killed TV Time (and Are Slowly Killing Kodi Too)

If you support our community and developers, stop encouraging YouTubers by watching their videos, they are destorying our hard work! We regret to inform you that the TV Time addon has now been voluntarily taken offline due to the misguided actions of certain YouTubers. In case you never had the chance to use TV Time, […]

TV ADDONS Usage Statistics to Begin December

It seemed to be the right time to share a bit about how many users actually enjoy our addons on a daily basis, you’ll surely be quite impressed. Some Interesting Usage Statistics for Kodi from TVaddons By TV ADDONS Staff | December 14, 20150 Comments We’ve just gone over some statistics for the first time in a while and […]