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The Obsessively Detailed Map of American Literature’s Most Epic Road Trips

I am a freak for the American road trip. And I’m not alone, as some of this country’s best writers have taken a shot at describing that quintessentially American experience. “There is no such knowledge of the nation as comes of traveling in it, of seeing eye to eye its vast extent, its various and teeming […]

Trailer | On the Road

Synopsis Just after his father’s death, Sal Paradise, an aspiring New York writer, meets Dean Moriarty, a devastatingly charming ex-con, married to the very liberated and seductive Marylou. Sal and Dean bond instantly. Determined not to get locked in to a constricted life, the two friends cut their ties and take to the road with […]

Kristen Stewart talks topless On The Road scenes – latimes.com

Get More: Movie Trailers, Movies Blog Kristen Stewart may turn a few heads with topless scenes in “On the Road,” but the actress says there was no room for prudishness on her journey as character Marylou.In Walter Salles adaptation of Jack Kerouacs novel, Stewart goes in some bold and adult directions. Its a far cry […]

Watch the On The Road trailer online now | TotalFilm.com

The film is an adaptation of the cult beat novel by esteemed travel writer Jack Kerouac, which was written in 1951 and published later that decade.The characters are interpreted as barely disguised versions of Kerouac and his buddies, with Sal Paradise (Sam Riley) and Dean Moriarty (Garrett Hedlund) standing in for Kerouac and Neil Cassady.Kristen […]