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YouTubers Killed TV Time (and Are Slowly Killing Kodi Too)

If you support our community and developers, stop encouraging YouTubers by watching their videos, they are destorying our hard work! We regret to inform you that the TV Time addon has now been voluntarily taken offline due to the misguided actions of certain YouTubers. In case you never had the chance to use TV Time, […]

Ten Commandments of Online by Emil Rensing

    10 If content is king, then creators are deities. 9 More people will spend more minutes watching more video on a computer/tablet/phone today than they did yesterday… 8 The word “content” should be referred to as “the other c-word”. Don’t be in the content business. Be in the “Hits” business. Don’t make content. […]

Top 3 ‘Top Viral Video’ Videos of 2010

Top 3 ‘Top Viral Video’ Videos of 2010.

YouTube Looks At Charging A Monthly Fee For Top TV Shows And Movies

YouTube wants more professional television shows and movies on its site, but major studios don’t want to license content to Google if it’s going to be free and ad supported.

YouTube’s path to profitability

The future of online video is that there is no such thing as online video, there’s just video.