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Inside ‘Zombeavers’: The Gross-Out Tribeca Flick About Killer Zombie Beavers Hunting Sexy Coeds – The Daily Beast

There’s a scene midway through Zombeavers that, for better or worse, captures its essence. Sam, a douchey prick played by Hutch Dano real name, is about to have sex with his girlfriend’s BFF on top of the bathroom sink. The two have stripped down to their skivvies and are about to go there when, all […]

Zombie News Blog Brad Pitts Zombie Nightmare: Inside the Troubled World War Z Production

Extensive re-shoots, a last-minute script rewrite and creative issues force Paramounts $170 million-plus zombie war movie to June 2013 from a planned December release. This story appears in the June 22 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Brad Pitt went into producing and starring in Paramount’s World War Z, based on a best-selling Max Brooks novel about zombies in a […]

Full Sail Grad Rocco Nisivoccia, Jr.: On ‘The Good Wife’ and His Own Zombie Film

    While still working on his career in locations, Rocco has also recently launched his own independent production house, Nisivoccia Films. Taking what he’s learned about the industry, he and his team have already developed two short independent films, as well as a documentary, which they’re shopping around to different distributors. One of those […]