Ten Commandments of Online by Emil Rensing


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10 If content is king, then creators are deities.

9 More people will spend more minutes watching more video on a computer/tablet/phone today than they did yesterday…

8 The word “content” should be referred to as “the other c-word”. Don’t be in the content business. Be in the “Hits” business. Don’t make content. Make hits!

7 Always be the low-cost provider.

6 Super-distribution… because who doesn’t want to be super?

5 Raising prices is the hardest thing you can do, so stand firm, be prepared to not get paid, and keep growing. They’ll come around eventually.

4 There’s 4 ways to evaluate quality: Script, performance, production, delivery. All of them are subjective. None of them are ever enough.

3 Reject the first offer.

2 Never listen to anyone who says, “That’s how we do it in Hollywood!”

1 Believe in your passions.

via Tumbling Thru.