Why An Amazing Surf Director Thinks FCP X Should Be Called Final Cut Amateur

FCP X 2.0 from www.KORDUROY.tv on Vimeo.

Cyrus Sutton is a surfer. And hes reviewing Final Cut Pro X for Gizmodo. Why? Because hes one of the best surf flick directors in decades. His movies exude a summertime vibe I wish I could bottle up for winter.You see, most surfers are inherent detail oriented gear heads. Youre talking about a culture where a quiver of 6-12 boards isnt excessive, each with minute differences in shape and contour and material that turn out to cause varying rides on bumps of energy that happen to be passing through the water for a few fleeting seconds at a time. Waves. And Cyrus likes waves. Before he ran a site dedicated to a low-key DIY surfer lifestyle, korduroy.tv, he was a pro surfer representing some of the most commercialized big name surf brands out there.But Cyruss gearhead-ness comes in a form more relevant to us, as seen when he starts talking about his cameras, computer and the software that he uses to make his movies. And yet, Cyrus is one of those digital pros that has enough going on outside of the internet to be able to keep in touch with the needs of those of us who arent pros, too. Which reminds me a lot of what this version of Final Cut Pro stands for.

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