YouTubers Killed TV Time (and Are Slowly Killing Kodi Too)

If you support our community and developers, stop encouraging YouTubers by watching their videos, they are destorying our hard work!

We regret to inform you that the TV Time addon has now been voluntarily taken offline due to the misguided actions of certain YouTubers. In case you never had the chance to use TV Time, it was literally the best live television streaming add-on that our community has ever seen, it gave reliable high quality access to all the major American television networks, until we were forced to shut it down that is.

What happened to TV Time is not only a problem for TV Time, it is a problem that plagues our community and threatens to destroy everything we’ve worked so hard to create. Basically what happened is that we released the TV Time add-on, people loved it, but then some YouTubers decided to bring negative attention to it by making videos, and even worse, they revealed the source of the content. Once they let the cat out of the bag and revealed the source of TV Time’s content, the developer of the addon had no choice but to close it for good.

We don’t deny that these YouTube videos may be useful to some, but they are doing way more harm than good. Anything that is explained in a YouTube video was already put into a guide on our web site long before. Bringing attention to our add-ons on a mainstream site like YouTube (which is owned by a major American media corporation) is just asking for trouble.

Kodi is being given a bad name and our addons are being killed by YouTubers who feel the need to publicize it over the wrong mediums. It is one thing for someone to visit our offshore-hosted web site and slowly discover Kodi and our unofficial addons, but it is a whole other thing to upload a video to one of the biggest web sites in the world, promoting Kodi as something it is not.

If you look through our site, we explain how to install Kodi, how to install add-ons, but we don’t go through and tell you specifically what you can watch through these add-ons and how they work. Some things are better left unsaid, if it works it works, there’s no reason to start making YouTube videos about it and bring unwanted attention. It is the kind of attention that YouTubers are bringing that causes sites to change their code in order break our add-ons, and even worse, could potentially bring legal heat in the future.

As for the open source Kodi media player itself, these YouTubers are making it seem like Kodi was made specifically for use with addons, which it was not. They are giving Kodi a bad name and are infuriating the official development team as a result. Next time think twice about sharing the link to a Kodi-related YouTube video and remember that the majority of these YouTubers are simply profiteers, and not friends of our community.

Source: YouTubers Killed TV Time (and Are Slowly Killing Kodi Too)